Privacy policy for iOS App SPLnFFT noise meter

SPLnFFT is designed and published by Fabien LEFEBVRE – France. Contact:

This application does not intend to collect any data of any sort. Yet it proposes some export features that may contain personal data.

More precisely, current location can be added to the content of a mail or as medata of generated pictures.

On top of this, when exporting by mail, your own email address – as entered in the App itself – can be used in the pre-formatted generated mail.

When using the HTTP GET export feature, current location and a unique device identifier will be shared with the remote host you indicated in http address entry.

The App itself will not take the initiative to export personal data. Neither to the App developper nor to any external third party.

By deleting the App, all internally recorded data will be removed from your device. It may still survive in Apple’s cloud depending on your iCloud settings.

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